What is Pepakura?Edit

Pepakura (Japanese for Papercraft) is a program created by Tamasoft , with inteneded purpose of making paper models, which has over the years, mostly in due to costuming forums, and evolved into a mainstream way to create costumes. People have used it to create hard pieces or costume 'armor' for cosplays (wearing costumes from characters from film or video games) from either paper and fiberglass, or EVA Foam. Pepakura is a windows program, with sadly no Mac equivelant yet so far. Pepakura alows you to take a 3d image and 'unfold' it into planes that that can be arranged on a template and printed off and reassembled in real life via result of the paper model.

 Where do I find Pepakura Models?Edit

You can find models anywhere out on the net, just Googling 'pepakura' will land you tons of results. This wiki is in the works, but it will eventually have links to the most noteworthy pepakura models that are out there. Until then check resources such as the halo costuming wiki , the 405th , the RPF , or Tamasoft's website .

I couldn't find the right model. How can I make Pepakura Models myself?Edit

You can create any model you want - that's the beauty of pepakura, you just have to create a 3d model that will work in pepakura (i.e. one without any missing/floating faces).

Free 3d modelling tools include (but aren't limited to):

Google Sketchup:


wings 3d:

Once you have your model, you can import into Pepakura designer, unfold, and voila! you have your own, originally made pepakura model!

-The Armorer