Regardless of which building method you choose, the first items on your supply list should be safety equipment!  Some of the materials used in the process can be harmful if exposed to for long periods of time.  Below is a basic list of supplies which will help you be safe in the construction of your new pepakura suit.


None of the items on the list are expensive, but they will all help keep you in the best of health.

  • Respirator - Certified for organic fumes and/or paint.  Used when applying fiberglass resin or bondo
  • Sanding mask - Whether sanding paint or bondo, helps keep particulate matter out of your lungs
  • Latex/vinyl gloves - Used to protect skin from fiberglass resin

Work AreaEdit

Another important aspect of safety during a build is the work area itself.  Keeping your area clean and free of all the sharp objects often used during this craft is very important.

The work area should also be outdoors, well-ventilated and away from others who lack protection.  The majority of products used in the resin/bondo process are not suitable to use inside because of the fumes they give off.  Garages, sheds, or other protected non-livable areas make idea work spaces.